Brother/Alumni Spotlight

We attend universities to further our foundation of education in order to receive a degree or to apply to a school of greater magnitude after the prior requirements are fulfilled. It is within our time at universities that we explore within us and join organizations that match our goals and future endeavors. This is the mindset Rahul Vyas and Harsh Shah came in with when attending the University of South Florida. Rahul Vyas spent his first year exploring the university and came to a decision to rush Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc., his sophomore fall semester. On the other hand, Harsh Shah used his first semester to explore and make new bonds before rushing Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc., his freshman spring semester. Upon becoming a brother, both have done a tremendous amount of work by holding various amounts of positions (i.e. Chairs to Intake to President) to accomplishing achievements that benefits both the chapter and the local community. It is with great pleasure that I recognize them for their mark that they have etched upon this Chapter and community around us and congratulate them on graduating from the University of South Florida. With great confidence, I am able to say that they will succeed in whatever they put their heads into, whether it is upon the path of becoming a doctor or even trying to improve public health and safety by becoming a part of Health Care Administration.