DEPsi: Growing with Service Everyday

This past semester at Theta Chapter, we got 2nd place in total service hours. Our brothers here have done a great job in trying to achieve service hours through many different ways. One of the biggest ways in which we accomplished service hours was throwing out annual Sugar Free Bowl. This spring semester we threw our 5th annual Sugar Free Bowl and it was a success! We had many brothers come out and help set-up tents and tables and such. We ended up raising enough to donate $1,000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and we are all really proud of that. This event is one of the biggest ways that we can show how our chapter has also done more to contribute to service.

Our brothers have participated in USF’s Dance Marathon in which we accumulated many service hours. This was an even that last almost 24 hours and our brothers took advantage of this chance to really help out and do service. We have also participated in other organization’s events too. I think this is important because we need to give back to others because of the amount of support that we got during our Sugar Free Bowl. It’s also important to take the chance of giving service whenever the opportunity arises. We also attended school volunteer events such as the University of South Florida’s Stampede of Service. The Stampede of Service is a huge event that occurs once a year in which we get a change to give back to the Tampa Bay community by doing multiple service events. It is always good to give back to the community that you live in because it has given so much to us as a chapter. Another way that Theta chapter has done service is by cleaning up our road here in Temple Terrace.

We have adopted a road and it is our job to clean that road every now and then so that it does not look trashy. Every couple weeks our brothers go there and help pick up trash or anything that is on the side of the roads just to help Tampa look a little cleaner. In these ways Theta Chapter was awarded 2nd place in total service hours. I am very proud of the amount of work that this chapter has put into the University of South Florida’s community and the Tampa Bay community in general in terms of service. Since I have been a part of this organization I have seen it grow, despite it being only one semester. Even though we did well this semester, we aren’t completely satisfied. Our ultimate goal is to do better and hopefully in the fall get 1st place in service hours.


Raveen Patel

Theta Chapter