Deltas Speak Out

Blue and Silver Service Crew

Community service is an essential part of any greek organization, but for the gentlemen of The Theta Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi service is a part of everyday life. Whether we are participating in events such as Drench a Delta, Relay for Life or Dance Marathon we are always striving to help the community every opportunity we get. Service means a lot to us and we treasure every minute of it. Participating in service events while being a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi has taught me that there is more to community service than it seems. In addition, just by witnessing the happiness on individual faces when you give back to the community means so much more than just obtaining our happiness. During the service event of Dance Marathon, which is a twelve hour volunteer day that helps raise money towards the Children's Miracle Network, my brothers and I got a behind the scenes look at where all this money goes. We learned an immense amount about children who were on their last breaths of life that were saved because of the funding put into this program. Personally I would of never thought this twelve hour day could help save someone’s life. Many people don’t take opportunities like this and fail to see the impact they could make not only on someone else’s life, but also on their own. Relay for Life hosted by the American Cancer Society is another service event that we hold dear to us. My brothers, myself included, all know someone that has suffered from cancer or even lost their lives from the illness. The brothers of The Theta Chapter took this to heart when we were walking the track and raising money for those that were and currently are affected by cancer. We teamed up with Aahana, a group that consists of primarily Indian individuals whose goal is to help make a difference in young girls’ lives. Joining forces with this organization allowed us to show the South Asian community that we are more than just a fraternity and that we want to make a lasting impact not only on the South Asian Community, but with all the service events that we participate in. My brothers and I sat through the night shivering from the freezing temperatures and suffering from starvation due to lack of food, but knowing that the funds we were raising could h

elp save someone’s life was all we needed to walk around the track until dawn. I feel honored to participate in service events like these when I know that I am helping to save someone’s life. From just one semester of crossing into the silver and blue I now know if I had any of these conditions, I would get an immense amount of support from all my brothers. If I wasn’t a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi I wouldn’t have even heard about events, like I’ve described before, let alone participate in them. The Theta Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi has taught me so much about our fraternity’s philanthropic work and the many networks it has branched out to. I have witnessed firsthand how community service as well as fundraising all tie together in order to give back to JDRF and the Bone Marrow Drives. Finally, I have realized how being a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi and giving back to the community can put a smile on a face even 1,000 miles away.


Relay for Life with Aahana:

Dance Marathon: