Philanthropy Blog

Having philanthropy is a must for organizations that are well known as well as having a specific motive to raise money and donate. Our motive came from Vishal Bhagat, who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and was passed away. In his memory, The Vishal Bhagat Foundation was created in order to promote Sugar Free Bowl and donate all proceedings to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in hopes of finding a cure one day. By donating money and contributing to the foundation, not only are we helping the community, but making ourselves feel like we are making a difference in the world.

Delta Epsilon Psi’s secondary philanthropy, bone marrow registry, has been successful with help from the Be the Match Foundation. This organization strives to find a tissue match, through DNA analysis, in hopes for an opportunity for a patient by donating their bone marrow. This organization helps thousands of people with life-threatening diseases, one being leukemia. As leaders of USF and the Temple Terrace community, The Theta Chapter has provided many opportunities to help the national match registry grow. In the summer of 2013, us along with the Alpha Alpha Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority Inc., co-hosted a bone marrow drive in hopes to help find a match for Nina Palvanich Louie, a sister from Stanford. We are proud to have registered over 80 new people to register that day!