On Going Service Event

As we call ourselves a service based fraternity, it is imperative that we hold true to that title. This calls for engagement in continuous service driven endeavors. Theta Chapter has paired up with the Be the Match at USF in order for the organization to help gain bone marrow donors. We aid them by working at USF concession stands at in order to fundraise as well as volunteering at their Bulls Market in an effort to gain more registered students for the Bone Marrow Foundation. This new ongoing service is a testament of our three pillars - brotherhood, discipline, and commitment. Our brotherhood is strengthened as numerous brothers engage in this service together, our discipline is tested as oftentimes is displayed as we staunchly devote our energies to assure that we continue to help Be The Match no matter how early in the morning the concessions start or how long they last, and lastly our commitment is displayed as we do this not for service, but out of doing it in a way that gives back the community that has done so much for us. After every concession, the stand manager asks if we want to take the food home for ourselves. Instead, we decide to take the leftovers and donate to the less fortunate around the Tampa Bay community. We take great pride in engaging in this service event, simply because we have a passion, the drive and the ability to give back to the community in ways that go beyond any traditional setting. We conduct service events such as these, because we are proud of being brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi; it’s a reflection of our ideals and principles.